College Advising

There are many opportunities available for players and even more information regarding these opportunities. Green mountain exposure can provide guidance to help each player properly understand each opportunity that is presented.

Athletes are unique and have different needs. We develop relationships with our players through watching their games live and on demand. This allows us to have accurate and honest feedback to the players to help development.

We have extensive experience in the NCAA, junior and prep hockey recruiting processes. Our goal is to provide you with solutions on how to combine the best of playing and educational opportunities that are presented to you.

College Advising provides the following:

*Help navigate the college process through advocacy and private coaching.
* Will watch Live and On Demand Video to increase prospects development.
* Will correspond with current coach to monitor prospect’s development
* Will correspond with athlete and parents to advise them throughout every step of their process. 

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P: (603) 359-4206